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Biography: Elected Experience: Yes.; Other Professional Experience: Journalist in Israel, taught social science, oenology, law (Europe, Seattle, Gonzaga Law school, where I established the school’s international human rights law section). Worked in organic agriculture, directed a holistic health retreat center. Litigated constitutional, products liability, medical and legal malpractice actions.; Education: French rural schools, Assumption Prep., Boston College (theater, sociology), University Massachusetts (political science), journalism (Bordeaux), international relations (Jerusalem), political sociology, mainstream medicine, Chinese medicine, nutrition (Paris), naturopathy, Law (Europe).; Community Service: Legal and educational contributions to encourage industrial tobacco, allopathic modern medicine, the legal profession and the State to reconvert to a holistic approach to business.

Statement: As I showed during the 2008 gubernatorial run, thanks to which my Action Plan was embraced as the third political force of the State, ( our Republic is broken. The two party system can not meet most of our basic needs. Our health, resources, jobs are too often un-necessarily sacrificed on the altar of predatory economics and shortsighted ideology.

To meet these challenges, I respectfully propose a few policies, many of which would be implemented via executive orders, given the urgency.

The first priority is hinged on a pro-active holistic health-care system in association with health freedoms advocacy which will bestow upon each Washingtonian the best wellbeing conditions . Next focus, a sustainable economy via affordable housing , clean energy "breakthroughs", the billion dollars wellness and hemp (textile, paper, building, fuel, medicine, food) industries, with the more traditional software, aerospace, agriculture and maritime trade.

The reduction of the legal work week to 35 hours and retirement at 60 (to provide jobs for our youth and save on health costs), sustainable living wages pegged on inflation, tax breaks for progressive corporations and tax incentives to dissuade corporations from delocalizing production overseas is desirable .

Visionary leadership is needed to implement equal access to affordable and relevant education, art and civil justice, the restructuring of our dysfunctional legal system and public financing of electoral campaigns.

This "Holistic Governorship" Plan would be financed via taxes against what destroys health and resources, including on financial speculation. Less "Government" and more tax relief in the "real" working economy with massive funds from our innovative industries, including from the Great Statue of Responsibility and its Holistic Health Civic Center, would contribute to reduce by half within four years the State’s debts and diseases while simultaneously ensuring equal access to health, prosperity, education, security and justice.

Contact Information:
Phone: 206-446-6079

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